Interior Transit Card (ITC) Wall ads

Ad size 11"x18" landscape. Printed on colour card stock material. Ad secured on all sides by place holders. Pricing starts at $200 a month based on contract length.

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Interior Transit "Michelangelo" ceiling ads

Huge size.  1m x1.5m adhesive sticker attached to ceiling overlooks riders on the bus, like a ceiling fresco. Highly visible and only three ads per bus. Prices start at $400 per month based for one year contract.

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Increase Market Share

A broad target market.

Riders will see your Advertisement 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Reach out to locals and visitors on the free village shuttle routes. Your ad will appear on every bus, 29 buses total, and all routes throughout Whistler Valley.

3.1 million rides a year

50,000 views of your ad per week.*

The Whistler Transit System has the highest ridership per capita of any town in BC, Canada*

We strive to provide the best customer service. Always available to answer questions or concerns.

(*Based on recent BC Transit ridership audit.)

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Next Steps...

Please enquire today to get more information.  We are happy to assist with design of ads, printing and of course we will install ads with no extra charges.

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Mailing Address: 102-4369 Main St. Suite 423, Whistler BC, V8E 1B7 Canada