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Our Approach

Our vision:

To connect, inform and bridge the gap between locals and visitors with the community businesses that make Whistler what it is today at a value cost.

Our Story

We have been in Whistler over 20 years, and know local businesses and also have intimate knowledge of the Whistler transit system. There are now 29 CNG (Nautral Gas Powered buses).  We can also assist with design, printing, and installing of all ads.

We assist with contracts, monthly invoices, billing, and we accept credit card payments, and send monthly news updates with ad inspections and photos of your ad on the buses.

We do weekly ad inspections and if there is a missing or damaged ad we work fast to replace the ad.

Ascent Marketing is a sales agent working on behalf of the RMOW (Resort Municipality of Whistler) to collect revenue which is used to fund the community transit service.